4 mistakes to avoid when training your dog


There are several ways to train the dog or puppy. Each dog is unique, so there is no such thing as the ideal way. ” Many people are convinced, that a positive reward system is most efficient. However, there are still individuals who opt for the dominant and physical approach, in which they make clear to the dog that they have authority over him. Personally, we are the first way of training, but if you want to do it any other way, here still some things you should look out for.
A first tip: As a dog owner, it is good to use physical contact when you reward your dog, but especially when you want to punish him. It is counterproductive when your dog starts to break down if he did not do what you asked. Below is a list of the most common mistakes made by people who want to train their dog. Avoid these things because they cause more harm than good!
Rub your canine nose NEVER against the carpet after a pee
If you punish your dog by rubbing his nose against the carpet after he peed on it, he will find very scary and evil you as owner. After all, dogs have a short-term memory. They will no longer remember what they have done wrong when their boss wants to punish them for the ‘offense.’ Despite their short-term memory, they will punish these incidents and do remember years. It will take a long time for you as an owner to regain his confidence.

Then what to do if your dog pees on the carpet? Clean the carpet clean and double toilet training your dog by taking it outside every hour. Feast your dog when he goes outside. At some point, he will warn you when he wants to go out to do a pee.
NEVER save your dog with the newspaper (or anything else)
There has been a long time uncertainty among dog owners about whether to keep your dog with a rolled up newspaper instead of by hand. They were convinced that this would ensure that the dog will not be afraid of the hand of its master. Take heed. Your dog will become more afraid in term of his evil boss.

It is much more effective to teach your dog commands such as “stay away” or “let go”. If this often recommends exercise, your dog will understand this in time and obey you. When you want to take your dog away from you because he has made a mess of it, then send him quietly to his bed or kennel. For example, both you and your dog will experience less stress.
Jerk not (too hard) to your canine leash
Some owners tend to point their dog correctly if it has made a mistake by pulling hard on the leash. Many of them do him a tight leash on so he can not be too much pull on the leash. But when you several times pulls on the leash to keep your dog in check, the collar will damage the trachea of the dog bit by bit. Continues to walk on a leash always a bit of a battle between dog and owner, opt for example a harness. So you can your dog still lead, but loses his trachea damage.
Most dogs love to sniff around in the kitchen looking for great food scraps that are left behind. Some dogs will go even further by trying something on the table or counter climb in search of food. One option that is sometimes suggested to avoid this is to set up traps on the table or counter to deter your dog.

However, it is much more efficient to try to distract your dog with something else, such as a bone or something tasty. So you can at the same time quietly put all the food in a safer place. Please note that your dog has a highly developed sense of smell. A cake hiding will not help under a lid. Put the cake just right in the closet. Catch you your dog, command him to remain off or make a sound so negative, he realizes that his behavior is not accepted. Getting angry or shouting does not make sense. Your dog will just try next time to do something stealthier.

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