5 Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip


TIP 1: Bring your puppy as early as possible in contact with other people and pets

One of the main tips that you can get when you are training puppies is that you have to put you in touch as soon as possible with other people, dogs, and pets. This helps to show them the correct behavior around people and animals. Go for a walk with your puppy and seek conscious contact with other dogs you encounter.

TIP 2: Start immediately with the housetraining

You want your puppy as soon as possible to teach cleanliness. You may wait not with it, and you should start this as soon as you step through your front door for the first time. Most puppies do not yet have full control of their bladder, and therefore, it is better to lay some papers in their basket. When he makes proper use of these newspapers, you can move it to a place closer to the door. He will soon learn to go outside when he needs to pee.

Tip 3: Obedience Training.

It’s also a good idea to start early with the obedience training. Golden Retrievers will learn to obey certain commands from 8 weeks old. Start with a few simple commands such as ‘lie’, ‘stay’ and ‘sit’. It is advisable to practice these commands at home because if you try this, they will be distracted in a new environment. This will then lead to frustration for you and the puppy. Make use of many but short sessions to learn a command per session each time. Teach your puppy to a new command until he first has not fully mastered.

Tip 4: Teething Toys

You can avoid possible that puppies will chew on things. This is even an absolute certainty when growing their teeth. So make sure that there are teething toys are available in your home so your puppy energy that can focus on. If he still starts to bite your stuff make sure you forbid him this firm and show him his toys so he learns how he can and can not chew. Praise your puppy when he chews on his toys instead of your furniture or in your shoes.

Tip 5: Prohibit leap

Forbidding your puppy to jump up to you is something that often (deliberately) forgotten. This is forgotten because everyone will find it super cute when a puppy does this, but people forget that this is a problem when the puppy grows and eventually becomes an adult dog. Your puppy should be aware that he may never jump on people. If he does so, you have to make your displeasure clear by crossing your arms and look away. You can give him any attention until he has calmed down. This will ensure that your puppy will soon realize that jump on people gives him nothing and that it is unacceptable behavior.

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