Best Dry Dog Foods-Things You Need To Know Before Buying Dog’s Food


Before making a decision to choose the best dry dog food that suits your needs, it is important to consider a formula with a responsibly high sourced nutrients and dense ingredients. The ingredient quality has an effect on the dog’s digestion, coat, and even their lifespan. The better the richness of the ingredient, the shinier the coat and longer the dog’s life span.Not just in dogs, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that nutrition and diet are the building blocks of life and the foundations of health. Dr. Katie Kangas an integrative veterinarian and an expert in pet nutrition explain that low-quality foods have an adverse effect on the body of the pet.

According to him, “low-quality foods won’t allow the body to flourish.” The requirements to watch out for in a best dog food brand are; whole foods,high-quality protein contents, empty carbs and less filler. To keep all these facts in view, we should always get recommended dog food.

It is pertinent to note that all commercial dog dry food are regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Feed Control Administration, hence most commercially available dog food can be regarded as safe.One of the duties of AAFCO is to set the regulations for the minimum and maximum nutritional profile of dog food, while FDA, on the other hand, ensures the safety of these ingredients. Since all kibble is safe for your dog, not all are equally needed health wise. The type of kibble to be used should take into consideration the dog’s age and status. A food that is recommended as good for an adult dog may not be the best dog food for puppies as both have a different nutritional needs, which is why find the best dry dog food for puppies separately.


To achieve the maximum from dry dog foods, it needs to follow the set down rules and regulations of minimal standards set by the AAFCO. Some of their guidelines are stated thus: dogs should have 18% protein, 5% fat, with all the necessary vitamins and minerals such as iron and copper, feed should contain vitamins like E (For immune system) and A (for healthy skin and coat). The feed should also contain fiber and moisture to aid digestion.


The above guidelines were set down for healthy adult dogs which require no special diets. An example of dogs exempted from these guidelines are pregnant or nursing dogs, dogs with allergies or any other health condition. These dogs excluded from the guidelines will require a separate/special diet.It is always in the best interest of your dog if you consult your veterinarian since only them can help you choose the best dog food.

 How We  Identified the Best Dry Dog Food Brands:

We looked for food with AAFCO standards

To identify the best dog food, we considered dry dog foods (both air-driedand kibble) for their content(i.e formulas) centred on the specifications of AAFCO andguidelines. We considered foods that provided a balanced diet (i.e. balancedand complete nutrition). Also, remember that your dog can help in identifying the best food of choice. Try to observe your dog for any sign of allergies, check for normal stool and most importantly, observe if the pet gobbles it up. To identify allergies, look for the presence of dry, inflamed skin and paws.

We considered foods with meat as the first ingredient

When poultry, fish or meat is used as the primary source of proteins then the food should be considered as a food of high quality. According to Dr. Kansas, any food with plant source of protein (like corn, wheat, or soy) should be considered as foods of lower (lesser) quality.

Protein provides essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life, and hence this makes it the most important ingredient in a dog food. However, protein is also the major source/cause of food allergy in dogs. A study recently revealed that the most common source of allergen in dog food is beef followed by dairy products. If your dog develops any form of allergy (e.g. upset stomach and dry skin), think through the protein source before any other thing. Singleor Limited-ingredient protein sources can help you narrow down possible sensitivities.


PLEASE NOTE: Ingredients in dog food are listed by weight, i.e those with most moisture are listed first. However, this can be a little misleading in dry dog food as some ingredients like meat meal are usually dehydrated. Dr. Mona Radheshwar a Seattle veterinarian explains that “chicken may be the first ingredient by weight but it has 80% water. So after accounting for water loss, the percentage of meat is significantly lower.” Although dog food with meat as the first ingredient was our major emphasis, we considered the optimal amount of overall protein i.e at least 18%.

We considered dog dry food healthy, complex carbohydrates.

Unlike cats, dogs are not complete carnivores. They have evolved to be able to eat carbohydrates.A dog’s digestive system produces enzymes which help it to be able to digest and metabolize sugars and starches. Although protein and fats are their primary energy sources, dogs can also metabolize carbohydrates to derive energy. For this singular reason, dog foods need to contain more than just meat or fish

It should be noted that not all carbohydrates are considered healthy for dogs, the complex ones are more preferable, and they should be properly cooked. Dog food shouldn’t be formulated just on starchy carbs that have minimal nutritional value. We recommend you to buy best dry dog food that is largely grain-free although some may contain healthy grains like oats or quinoa.

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