Biting Dog – Avoid Dog Bites


Every year thousands of people bitten by dogs, sometimes even fatal. In the majority of these cases, it is a child who is in question. Children consider a dog as their live playing toy and so an accident happened so quickly. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to let their kids in a responsible way with a dog.

Tips to avoid dog bites

Never Contact a strange dog. Ignore a dog you do not know, because you never know how a dog can respond.

If you want a pet dog, then always make sure to have you seen or sniffed. When you have him suddenly from nowhere begins to stroke, he can terrify so he is going to happen in a first reflex.
Dogs and children

As mentioned earlier, you have as a parent, teach your child how to deal with dogs must go. The roughness of the children, in fact, causes many dog bites. Teach them that a dog is a living being to be treated with respect.

First, you make sure your child never alone with a dog under twelve years. Even though the dog for years an incredibly loyal dog, it is still an animal.

Teach your children how to pet dogs. Tell them that they should not pull the ears or tail. Small children have a tendency to ‘save’ the dog when they want to pet him. So you can best take hold of the hand of a toddler while he strokes the dog.

Finally, it is crucial that the child knows that a dog has a territory. They thus make it clear that when the dog is playing, sleeping or eating, the children have to leave him alone.

What if a dog wants to bite?

If you think a dog would bite, then do not run away suddenly. The dog will run after you because he considers you than runaway prey. Never turn your back to the dog, but also make eye contact. Stay calm face and keep your arms stationary at your sides. When the dog loses his interest in you and walks away, you too walk quietly away from him.
If a dog attacks actually, pull if at all a garment as quickly as possible, or grab an object where the dog can bite. If this fails, then roll up like a ball, keep your hands over your ears and push your chin against your chest. Remain still and certainly not cry.

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