Are Deer Antlers Good for Dogs


Every dog goes through a stage where all it wants to do is chew on stuff. There are a few reasons for these chewing habits; some dogs may be teething or losing their milk teeth due to which they may be prone to chewing, while some dogs just like having something to chew on. Cooked bones, no matter which animal they belong to, are never a good option to give to your dog as swallowing them will cause more harm to them than good.

Looking for a good chew toy for dogs can be a daunting task as stronger dogs can quickly destroy their toy within a span of a few days. So that leaves us with the question, what are other good options that you can use as a chew toy for your dog? One of the answers is a deer antler. Yes, you read it right. Deer antlers make for a good chew toy for your dog. You don’t believe us? Well keep on reading, and we are sure you will be convinced to run out and get one for your pup.

Benefits of deer antlers

Sustainable and civilized

You must be thinking how it is possible for deer antlers to be a humane thing to use. What many people do not know is that deer lose their antlers every year; it’s a natural process. Therefore, when you go out in the woods and find a pair of antlers, it’s not necessary that the deer it belonged to was killed. It could have just lost it naturally and grow a new pair back the next season. Sellers only pick up these antlers and make a chew toy out of them, hence making the whole process sustainable, humane, and ideal for dogs to enjoy.

Safe to use

Antlers are stronger than bones and can sustain hard bites as well. They will not become brittle or break easily as bones do, which is what makes them safe to use. You will hardly find any splinters in the antlers as well, which makes sure that your dog’s mouth and digestive system remain safe. Even if you find one or if you want to for your comfort, you can simply sand down the sharp edges and give it back to the dog. Just make sure you keep an eye on the dog and chew toy to make sure it is okay for your pet to use. Also, these antlers are free from any preservatives or additives so your dog will not be exposed to anything unnatural that can eventually be harmful to it.

Last for a longer time

The fact that antlers are stronger than many other chew toys makes sure that they remain with the dog for a long time. Just make sure you do not give them to it for an extended time per day as that can be harmful, even with other toys. As long as the antlers are complete and not cut from anywhere in between, you will be good to go.

Different sizes and shapes

The best part about these antlers is that none of them are alike. Every antler will be of a different shape and size. Hence, no matter what your dog’s size is, you will be able to find a good-sized antler to give to it and when you get a new one, your dog will not get bored with it. The only thing you need to be careful with is that antlers can be chewed down to a point where your dog can swallow it, which can lead to choking as well. Hence, make sure you pull them away from it when that time comes. Then you can get a new one to give to it, and it will be happy.

Good nutritional value

Deer antlers are high in protein, which provides significant nutritional benefits to your dog. There are many other essential nutrients also present, which includes the likes of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. All these minerals make sure your dog is getting something beneficial while having fun chewing away.

Everyone likes them

Your dogs will fall in absolute love with these toys. They are so close to nature that the dogs can feel it in the taste. Every antler will give an exceptional smoothness and texture that they can enjoy for a long time. It will keep them busy for hours and will ensure that they do not use your furniture as chew toys. These antlers do not have any smell to them either so your house will be odor free. Also, they will never leave a stain, so you do not have to worry about that either.

How they are made

Manufacturers, first of all, collect all the fallen off antlers and take it back to their production house. Over there, the antlers are cleaned up properly and heat treated, which makes sure that there are no infections or other bacteria left behind and they are completely safe to use.

Choosing the right antler

The size of antler you choose will depend on the size of your dog’s mouth. Make sure you choose the antler that is larger than the size of your dog’s mouth so that the antler will not get stuck in the mouth and will not become a choking hazard for dogs.

Deer antlers are ideal for dogs of any age, except old dogs. Puppies will find these antlers as a challenge and will love playing with it. The reason that they are not recommended for old dogs is that their teeth are not too healthy and will not able to withstand the pressure of the antler, hence increasing the chances of breakage.

Storing the antlers

You need to keep in mind that an antler will have a shelf life of almost three years. Hence, you can stock up on the toy, but make sure your dog has used it before the time is over, and at that point, you can give your pet a new one.

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