How do you let your dog stop barking? A few tips


Nothing more annoying than a dog at every turn starts barking. Sometimes the bark is so bad that your neighbors and even you are bored by it. There are however several ways to make your dog stop barking. First and foremost it is important to know why your dog barks. Barking is like a communication to your dog. Dogs bark for many reasons: boredom, loneliness, stress, or for attention. They also bark when they want to warn you. Once you know exactly why he barks, you can find a solution. Maybe these tips will help

Teach your dog to bark on command.

Can your dog barking on command? He will also remain silent on command.

Do not yell at your dog

Make sure you’re not calling for your dog, as he once again barks too hard. Call you? He will bark even louder. He sees namely your call as a response to his barking. It is better to ignore him when he barks and reward when he is silent.

Quality time

Sometimes dogs bark out of boredom or for attention. If you’re at home, make sure you spend time with your dog. Play with him and give him toys for when you’re not there. You can even find a dog sitter who goes with your dog to the park.

Enough movement is essential

Your dog twice a day needs a walk. At those times, he gets moving, and he can socialize. It makes him happy, and he will bark a lot less.

Does he have anything?

Dogs often bark out of frustration or for attention. If your dog has no water or needs to do, then he will bark to get your attention. Check his basic needs.


Dogs have their territory. Often they bark when someone ‘invades’ their territory. Your dog wants to warn you. If he continues to bark, send him to a place where he can be calm.


If nothing succeeds, there is still a citronella collar. These sprays a small amount of citronella when your dog barks. Dogs do not like this scent. Soon your dog will associate the bad odor with his barking.

If he, despite all your efforts still barks too much, then there may be something else going on. Visit your veterinarian. Perhaps the real reason then comes to light.

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