How to find the perfect dog breeder?


If you want to buy a dog from a breeder, you will find plenty of addresses on the net, in dog magazines, local newspapers, and many other places. But how well the ad looks or how professional the website looks, there is no guarantee that you’re dealing with a good breeder. There are two types of farmers: those who are only interested in money and those who love animals and want to protect the breed.

How to recognize a good breeder?

A good breeder:

1- Breeds only 1 or 2 races

2- Breed only one litter at a time

3- Ensures that the puppies are well socialized

4 Asks many questions to the prospective buyers who wants to know where the puppy, which they have bred with so much care and love.

5- Is a member of a breed

6- And got a good reputation with other breeders and former customers

7- Insists that you come and visit the dog

8- Work with a decent contract and provides an extensive information note

9- Let the puppies only for seven weeks to go to the owner

10- Have all the information about the history of dogs

11- Ensure that the puppies are vaccinated.

How to recognize a Bad breeder?

A bad breeder:

  1. Breeds widely dogs
  2. Several varieties bred together
  3. Let the dog did not grow up in a home environment, but rather only in a stable
  4. Not responding precisely to your questions and will even annoying
  5. Often works with fake pedigrees
  6. Is not interested in its future owner
  7. Let the puppies too early to go to the owner.

Why do not you get the best puppy from a breeder?

Because there are so many litters are grown at the same time, it is impossible to raise puppies as they should. Many puppies are socialized not receive any attention and will not be housebroken. Puppies must first be used to other people, the same breed and sounds such as the doorbell, the cleaner, etc. And this without being aggressive or frightened.

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