How To Wash A Dog


Do you want to know how to wash a dog without making it into a stressful situation? Here’s how.

Establish a Positive Association

You have to establish bathing as an ongoing activity so that your pet will look forward to it. You can offer him toys, treats, and affection to encourage him to take a bath and to reward him for good behavior.

1- Start without the water. Get him used to hop into an empty bathtub – or the place where he will be given a bath in the future – and spending time without the pressure of bathing. Give him either a treat or a toy so that a positive association can be made. Gradually add warm water so as to get him used to the idea of baths.

2- Repeat these actions until he appears to get it truly. Get him to come to the bathing area initially with the treat until such time that he comes even without the treat.

With practice, your dog should be ready within a few days to take a bath without a fight. You should also start him as young as possible (i.e., from a puppy) so that you will encounter less hassle later on.

Protect His Ears

You can stuff cotton balls into your dog’s ears if he allows it. Otherwise, you should just do your best to avoid spraying water into his ears.

This is an important aspect of giving your dog a bath for two reasons – first, getting water into his ears will be uncomfortable, which may make him more averse to showers later on; and second, water in his ears can cause health problems.

Use Dog Shampoo

You have to ask your pet’s veterinarian for recommendations for the best dog shampoo. You should ideally choose a mild shampoo that cleans the scalp and fur without stripping away natural oils. You want a hypoallergenic shampoo suitable for the type and thickness of hair that your dog has for best results.

Adopt the Right Steps

The bathing activity will be more pleasant and efficient when these steps are followed:

1- Brush your dog’s fur before his bath. You may also take your dog to a professional groomer if yo can not brush or cut his matted hair.

2- Place a cotton ball in each ear.

3- Pour lukewarm water on your dog. You can use a bucket-and-pail system or a sprayer for as long as lukewarm water is used. You should never bathe your dog with hot water.

4- Start shampooing your dog’s fur from the neck down. Be careful to use gentle motions in lathering the shampoo into his fur and skin.

5- Rinse well. You should rinse as many times as possible, perhaps three times, to ensure that there are no shampoo residues left (i.e.. Otherwise, it can irritate his skin).

6- Remove the cotton balls. You can then either use an especially-designed blow-dryer for dogs or let his fur air dry after toweling it off with clean absorbent towels; hair dryers for humans emit hot air that can irritate his skin.

7- Reward your dog.

All throughout the process, you should talk to your dog in a comforting voice. Your attention to this important detail will be more important than the steps in practical steps in how to wash a dog.

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