Man’s Best Friend – Keeping Your Pup Around for the Long Run


Dogs are known by many as man’s best friend and for good reasons. Historically, man has tamed dogs as pets for companionship and even protection. Dogs kept watch as the man slept on the plains of Africa, and in return, the man made sure his dog was fed and part of the pack. Today, dogs are still used often as guardians of the house, though, in actuality, their utility is much more limited in scope. These days, dogs are almost always kept around for comfort, play, and companionship. Once you’re emotionally invested in your best friend, you’re going to want to keep him around for a long time. To this end, there are a few tips and tricks you’ll need to know to ensure your dog stays healthy and energetic for as long as possible. So, whether you have a watchdog or comfort dog, you’re going to need to know how to keep your dog healthy and live longer

Feeding Your Dog With A Healthy Diet

Just like humans, diet plays a huge role in the health and quality of dogs’ life. Dogs can’t eat all the food that people eat. For example, dogs can’t eat grapes or chocolate. While a lot of human food is ideal for dogs, the food should be a supplement to a hearty and healthy dog food. While premium, organic dog food might be the healthiest, it will not be necessary break your wallet. Any decent dog food with sufficient protein will be enough to keep your dog fed and, for the most part, healthy. It is a good idea, as previously stated, to supplement this diet of dog food with the proper human food. These are great ways to keep your dog healthy and live longer.

A diverse diet is an excellent choice for a dog, but it will also need a sense of stability, so having a base of dog food is a superb idea. Keep this base stable and don’t change out brands. If you must change brands, do so very gradually. Stability is important in knowing how to keep your dog healthy and live longer. Feed your dog the suggested serving size on the label, but also account for the dog’s size, appetite, and activity levels. A small dog which spends its days around the house will need far less food than a hunting dog which spends most of its time in the woods, for example. Use common sense to judge the right amount of food and type of food to feed your dog.

Exercise And Play

Another vital part of your dog’s health is exercise and play. Dogs, like people, should regularly exercise to keep in shape, to stay fit, and to maintain a low body fat percentage while building muscle. Ideally, take your dog to your local dog park where he can run around and socialize with other dogs. A great exercise I like to do is only run around the park with my dog. Running side by side with your dog is a great pleasure, and it’s good exercise not only for the dog but for you as well! If you can’t make it to a dog park, or there’s not one in your area, a simple walk in the neighborhood is sufficient exercise for a day. Whether you take your dog to the park every day and socialize with fellow dog owners, or simply take him around the block for a walk, the important thing is to keep your dog active and engaged at least five days a week.

Socialization And Emotional Health

Not only is exercise a great way to keep your dog’s cardiovascular system up to speed, but it’s also an excellent way to socialize and bond with your dog. This is the fun part of how to keep your dog healthy and live longer. Dogs are social creatures just like humans, and furthermore, they’re packed animals. This means that, in the dog’s mind, there is always a social hierarchy – a pack, so to speak – within its social environment. A dog should know its place within the pack, and it should bond well with other pack members. This is an important part of a dog’s mental and emotional wellbeing. To stay healthy and fit on the outside, a dog must be loved and cared for on the inside. Spending time with your dog and caring for it is just as important as taking him for daily walks.

Hygiene And Grooming

Another vital, yet often overlooked aspect of how to keep your dog healthy and live longer is hygiene. It is important to regularly groom and bathes your dog – even if it is an outside dog. This will minimize the threat of ticks or worms, which are a nightmare to deal with and very detrimental to a dog’s health. Keep your dog’s hair and skin clean with regular baths and haircuts. Furthermore, make sure your dog’s dental health is in check by brushing his teeth from time to time. When owning a dog – or any pet for that matter – it is always important to conduct regular checkups to catch any problems before they become severe; anything from infections to ticks starts as small, minor problems which can become worse and worse if not detected early on. Knowing how to keep your dog healthy and live longer involves a lot of review and examination.

Mental Stimulation And Games

Another small trick of how to keep your dog healthy and live longer which can make a big difference with your dog is to keep its mind engaged through mental stimulation. This is a vital part of how to keep your dog healthy and live longer. This can be done by teaching it new tricks, playing games with it, or commanding it to do simple tasks. This small but simple trick is crucial as it will keep them sharp, an easy way of how to keep your dog healthy and live longer. Dogs can be brilliant animals if you work to keep them engaged and fit mentally, as well as physically and emotionally. These are all great ways to keep your dog healthy and live longer.

Enjoy Your Dog For A Long And Fulfilled Life

A dog truly is man’s best friend if you treat it right and keep it active and fit, and know how to keep your dog healthy and live longer. This means ensuring the dog has a hearty and natural diet, gets plenty of exercises, is cared for and loved, and is regularly groomed and inspected. Of course, regular checkups with a veterinarian are also a surefire way to ensure your dog is healthy enough to live a long and fulfilling life. Most of all, enjoy the time spent with your dog! These are all fantastic ways to how to keep your dog healthy and live longer.

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