New Puppy Checklist


Coming home with a new puppy is quite an exciting prospect, although the fact remains that if you don’t have all the necessary aspects covered before bringing the puppy home, the situation can change from an exciting one to a nerve-racking experience. Here we’ve created a list of things you may already have available, and a couple more you need to buy in advance.

1. A well-measured crate. Puppies are animals that love their space, and they adore the solitude and security they get from having their very own cozy space. Occasionally, the dog house is built in a square form with three walls and a door for the dog to go in. It’s essential that the crate you get is well measured to fit your puppy as an excessively large box is liable to cause the puppy some “accidents”. In any case, the case should be large enough to allow the animal some stretching and sitting space. Use some old sheets, towels or T-shirts to make bedding inside the crate, so the puppy doesn’t sleep on the hard surface and make sure to add a couple of chews toys in the crate.

2. Wire playpen. These wire boards are highly recommended as they can be customized to any shape and size required. They also come in handy as demarcations to bar the doors to rooms or areas you’d prefer to deny the dog access to.

3. Small Wee Pads. These are important recommendations for puppies not completely vaccinated and not yet permitted to go outdoors. They can likewise be a lasting answer for residents in apartment blocks or those who don’t have the time for house training their pets.

4. Chew Toys. Puppies are fond of chewing on anything they come across which include your furniture, shoes, DVDs and lots of other stuff. Ensure there are lots of toys present for them to chew on and offer them a toy instead when you see them chewing your property. We suggest you provide diverse choices to chew on as various dog breeds and individual puppies are inclined toward different objects. It will take some experimentation to figure out what your pooch prefers most. Lure them with a multi-pack of puppy bones, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, and small elastic balls.

5. Leash and collar. Regardless of the fact that your puppy is not completely vaccinated and as such not allowed to venture outdoor, you can get it acquainted to its leash and collar, and used to wearing it. Our top pick “collar” is the choke-less Puppia harness.

6. Bitter Apple Spray. After making your home puppy-safe, there might remain a couple of things you can’t only keep your pet from reaching such as the sides of your furniture. The Bitter Apple Spray can be sprayed on virtually anything as it is odorless for human beings and has terrible taste in the mouth of puppies, thereby helping to dissuade them from valuable properties.

7. Puppy food and dishes. This aspect is quite apparent that the puppies need to be fed at least thrice daily, and a bowl of fresh water should be accessible to them more often than not. Only buy top notch pet food as suggested by your breeder or veterinary doctor, and use a stainless steel dish to serve them, this is because steel accumulates fewer bacteria than plastic or dishes).

8. Nature’s Miracle or similar enzyme cleaner. Indeed, even a well-trained puppy will have an indoor accident sooner or later, and it ought to be tidied up in seconds, if conceivable. The distinction between using enzyme cleaners and your conventional detergent is that the enzymes are capable of getting rid of any scents that can only be smelt by dogs, thereby decreasing any clue that he’s relieved himself before in a particular area of your home. Additionally, don’t use any cleanser that is manufactured with ammonia — the compound has a similar odor to dog pee, and these animals are fond of “going” at a spot they’ve “gone” previously.

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