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I was privy to a recent search operation in Troy for finding a missing dog called McKenzie which had drones flying all over the neighborhood trying to locate the dog. Apparently, McKenzie bolted out of their best friends yard when he was startled by some firecrackers which went off somewhere in the neighborhood.

Having lived for a significant part of my life with canines, I know how difficult it can be to contain them in a premise especially if it’s not fenced. Even with fences, they can find all sort of uncanny ways to sneak out.

And unless they waltz their way back home or are spotted by an alert neighbor, it can quickly escalate into a nightmare that you’d want to avoid at all costs.

In the above incident, McKenzie was probably petrified of the firecrackers. But even otherwise, dogs can get distracted by everything including birds, other dogs, cars, mailmen and chipmunks and bolt out of your house.

Spock, my Patterdale terrier, was the Houdini of the pack. He broke out of my fenced farm house a record 9 times. Luckily, he wouldn’t venture too far but had a near miss once when he was almost run over by a speeding car.

That’s when I decided to get home an invisible dog fence. Also known as a pet containment system, it helps you set an invisible perimeter around the house that dogs cannot breach. The moment they violate it, the system sends out a corrective signal that brings them right back inside.

There are dozens of pet containment systems in the market, and they come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. But my pick among them all is the PetSafe Pet containment system, and I will tell you my reasons for it.

My experience with the PetSafe Pet Containment system

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The PetSafe Pet Containment system is a very efficient wireless dog fence that can be used to secure a perimeter half an acre around your property that your dog cannot breach. It can be installed instantly without the need for making any changes or digging up fences around the home.

So, how does it work?

It contains a transmitter that can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet in your home and a receiver collar that goes around your dog’s neck.

Your dog will then need to undergo some basic training about where the boundary of the home is.

If the dog attempts to breach the border after the training, the transmitter will sound a tone or send a slight jolt which is nothing but a vibration of the collar which instantly corrects the behavior.

Believe it or not, dogs get acquainted so fast with the system that they hardly breach the perimeter again. I have had Spock run right up to the perimeter and then slow down instantly because he knew that he had reached the edge of the house.

I am sure that you will have tons of doubts and questions about the system like any dog parent who’s new to wireless dog fences is bound to have.

So, here are a few answers.

What are the advantages of PetSafe Pet Containment system?

For starters, how about keeping your pet within the safe boundaries of your home?

And if that’s not enough, the system is completely invisible. It can be installed in a home with a fence or without one. It can be used for RVs, farm houses or just about anywhere that you want to set up a safe perimeter for your pet.

If you live in a rented apartment, then the PetSafe Pet Containment system is the best option at hand because you can even carry it with you when you move.

Unlike wired fence systems which need to be buried a few feet inside the ground around the entire perimeter, the PetSafe Pet Containment system is ready to use out of the box.

You can also program it with many receiver collars if you have more than one pet.

How do I install it?

Like I said, that’s one of the best features of the system. Just plug in the transmitter to an electrical outlet, get your pet’s receiver collar and turn on the correctional tone and take a walk around your property.

You will hear the collar beep when you reach the boundary. You just need to place the flags a few feet inside and start to train your pets.

Also, the transmitter has a boundary wheel which can be used to alter the boundary distance from five feet to 90 feet.

Is it humane?

That’s the most important question that plagues the mind of pet owners. Is a corrective system like this compassionate? Does it hurt the dog?

The answer is that it doesn’t.

The PetSafe Pet Containment system only sends a very mild electrical stimulation that will tingle your pet at best. Think of it as a splash of water on your skin that grabs their attention from whatever it was that distracted them in the first place.

You can choose from five different levels of static correction depending on the size and breed of your pet.

It is completely humane and safe.

Besides, if you do not want to use the static correction method, you have the option to use an audible tone instead to warn the dog.

What happens when the correction is applied?

The PetSafe wireless dog fence is one of the best in the industry that is manufactured using top quality components that don’t malfunction like cheaply made Chinese imports. The static correction or the tone is only sounded if the pet breaches the perimeter. This continues to sound for 30 seconds after which it shuts off automatically until the pet returns inside the fence.

However, most pets get startled when it is applied and return instantly inside the perimeter thereby stopping the correction immediately.

How do I train my pet?

The Petsafe invisible dog fence includes boundary flags which serve as reminders for your pet about the border zone. These are to be placed a couple of feet inside the perimeter fence. A few small training sessions usually suffice for a trained dog to understand where the wall is located.

The package includes detailed training instructions.

If you have a new pup, then you may need to contact a dog trainer or your vet to know how to get them acquainted with the wireless containment system.

How do I use the receiver with my dog’s existing collar?

The PetSafe receiver is a compact device that can be attached to any dog collar or strap quickly. You just need to make two small holes which will be used to insert the contact points on the collar. It is lightweight and does not strain your pet’s neck. However, any strap that you use will have to be a non-metallic one.

If you prefer using the strap that came with the PetSafe Containment System instead, then it will fit dogs that have necks that are 6 to 28 inches in size.

Please ensure that you remove the receiver device when your pet is inside the house and only use it when you leave your pet in the yard.

I have a bigger sized yard than the 180 feet range. Can I use the increase the range of the PetSafe Containment system?

You bet! I have a three-acre farm, and after trying the PetSafe Containment System to keep Spock contained, I was so impressed with it that I bought three receiver collars for the rest of the pack and two additional transmitters which created an extended perimeter area giving my pets the freedom to walk around the property freely.

The only tricky part here is to ensure that the range of the transmitters overlaps each other by a few feet.

The Features of the PetSafe Containment System that I like

I had spent months researching dog fences before I narrowed down on the PetSafe Containment System and even when I first got it, I was a tad skeptical about it turning out to be a dud. But that was partly because Spock is gifted with super-doggie abilities to escape from even a maximum security prison.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the system. There are a few features that I really like about it.

  • Perfect for dogs that are 8 pounds and above. This means that you can start to use this as soon as your puppy is ready to be trained.

  • Completely non-invasive method to train your pets. You don’t need to set up perimeter poles or dig holes to bury wires in them. Keeps your property looking the way it is right now.

  • Incredibly useful! My dogs are reluctant to breach the boundary even when I want to take them for a walk around the neighborhood. I usually have to cajole them into accompanying me and bribe them with their favorite treats.

  • Easy to expand and use with multiple dogs. There is no limit to the number of compatible receivers that you can add to the system. That makes it ideal even for a professional set up like a pen or a dog kennel.

  • Completely waterproof receiver. I’d hate to know that the collar is malfunctioning because my pets took a trip to their favorite puddle in the property. Thankfully, the PetSafe receiver is completely waterproof. Even if you have a water baby at home, it will work just fine.

  • Multiple correction levels. You can start from the lowest correction degree in the system and then adjust depending on how your dogs respond to it. If you have a really stubborn pet that is hard to train, you can use the highest static correction. Even then, it is lower than the static that occurs with the carpet in your home.

Things that you should know before you use the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

Despite all the right things about it, there are a few things that you must know before you buy the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence.

  • It is not the ideal choice for all dogs. Some dogs are aggressive and may need behavioral therapy before you attempt to contain them with PetSafe.

  • If you have a lot of metallic things in the range of the system, then it will reduce the range considerably. During a party at my place, there were seven cars parked in the yard, and I noticed that the dogs were trying to run beyond a point and scampering right back in. This was approximately 100 feet inside from the typical perimeter fence. Upon a close inspection, I found that the collar was giving out the correctional tone because the range had reduced due to the interference made by the metal. So, I removed the receivers and set them free. Guess what? They only went up to the boundary flags!

  • If you have a sloped yard, then the range may be affected, and there may be dead spots in the fence. Sadly, the only way to know if there are any is to test it yourself by taking a walk around it.

  • PetSafe has a whole range of dog containment products that you can pick from. There’s a stubborn dog fence for dogs that are hard to train, an in-ground wired system that is ideal for larger properties and a little dog fence. If you feel that the wireless dog fence may not be perfect for your pet, then you can check out some of their other products.

That sums it up, folks. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and are able to decide whether the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment system is ideal for your home. If you need any assistance, just holler in the comments section. You can also contact PetSafe. They have an excellent customer service team that responds instantly to queries.

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