Things You Need for a New Puppy


Having a furry friend at home adds a whole new level of excitement and experience for anyone. The question now is – are you truly prepared for this new responsibility? Have you prepared all the things you need for a new puppy?

If you are yet ready to buy the stuff your dog needs, you may use the following items as a checklist. Note that the following are the basic needs. You can always add more to the list depending on your personal preference.

1. Dog food

The food requirement for dogs depends on their age. For puppies, they tend to eat four times the amount the adult dog eats to foster normal and healthy growth. Puppy food is typically packed with minerals, fats, and vitamins it needs to sustain its growth.

When searching for the appropriate brand and type of food for your puppy, you may want to consider those who are breed-formulated. Feeding your dog requires training, too, so try to feed your furry pal at specific hours of the day. Finally, do not allow your dog to eat at the dining area as this would encourage him to ‘beg’ for food.

2. Dog Bedding

Your puppy must also have its comfortable spot at home to sleep in. A crate pad will do just fine. Having one would also facilitate crate training at home. The crate pad must be also big enough for your dog. Find one that is made from synthetic sheepskin as it is hygienic and easy to wash.

3. Puppy Treats

Apart from the food of your puppy, you also need to buy puppy treats for the little fellow. Dog treats are an essential tool in training your puppy. Using doggie treat also strengthens the relationship with the puppy, especially when used correctly.

4. Dog Toys

Yes, dog toys are a necessity more than a luxury. Having a toy that your puppy can always chew on can help them distinguish the stuff that cannot be chewed on. Chewing, when not controlled, can be incredibly annoying and costly. Read reviews on-line to check which chew toy is best for your puppy.

5. Dog leashes

Training dogs to get them accustomed to leashes is paramount for young dogs. This would be helpful for their developing social skills. As a general rule, choose collars that are snug enough for your dog. However, make sure that they are comfortable and you can check this by slipping three fingers underneath the strap.

6. Cleaning and grooming materials

Part of owning a dog is being able to clean after them. A poop scooper and brown bags are essential, too. For you puppies grooming, dog shampoo that is hypoallergenic is highly recommended. Having a real fur brush would also immensely help in keeping his coat healthy and shiny all the time.

These are all your puppy’s needs, and you can eventually add other items as your dog grows. You can always consult with your veterinarian to understand your furry friend’s needs better. For now, you can enjoy shopping the for things you need for a new puppy.

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