Three things you need to put in the crate your puppy


Three things you need to put in Dog’s crate. Remember that you are not putting too many objects in the Crate, because then there is no place left for your dog!

Cladding – your dog needs something to make himself comfortable in his crate. A towel or blanket will do good or even a mat or pillow designed specifically for dog stalls. It should cover the bottom of the bench, but be aware that some dogs prefer to lie on a hard, flat surface and will push aside the blankets.

Toys – Because your dog only short periods in his crate will spend, you do not need a lot of toys, but you will need something that he does not get bored. A chew toy, perhaps, or a rope toy – something with which he can deal on its own. Take one of his favorites, or let it pick him alone!

Water – If your dog is spending more than two hours in his crate, then you should make sure he has fresh water.

Three tricks to accustom your dog in his crate

Do you want your puppy makes an active connection with his bench, which is why you should never use the chair as a form of punishment? Consider the following tips when your puppy for the first time proposing to his new home.

Leave the door open from the bench, and place on a regular basis a treat into the crate. Make sure your puppy sees this and encourage him to get the candy. Try not to force him, pushing, pulling, or in any way physically to urge him to go into his box. Let him go in on their initiative. (The only exception is when your evening goes to bed, and you want to put your puppy in his crate. You may need some encouragement, but a candy in his crate lay often enough.)

Do not overload him with compliments and huge pat him every time he enters the crate on its own.

Try to make a game of it. Leave behind your puppy a treat into the crate. Ask him: “Where is your candy? It is in your “home” or “room” or “nest”. “(Use the word that you want your puppy to associate with his bench.) The first few times you will have to help him to find it, it would be he should know what “sweet” and means “nest” (or whatever word you just used.) After he learned the word for his crate, you will be able to tell him to go to his bench. What he will do well!
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