How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet



Training your cat is a very important part of helping your pet get used to living in your home. It is essential to ensuring you have a pleasant experience with your pet. One of the more unorthodox but highly effective techniques that people often use is teaching cats how to use a toilet. This can be a tricky process, but if done right, it can result in numerous benefits for both you and your animal.

Toilet Training Tips

Teaching your cat how to use the toilet can be a difficult process. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Use Flushable Litter

Your cat is obviously not going to be able to adjust to a toilet when it is used to cat litter underneath it while it is doing its business. Flushable litter is the perfect way to help bridge the divide because your cat would still get the comfort of having litter underneath it but would also get used to the process of going to the bathroom.

Keep Your Schedule Free

The key to a successful attempt to train your cat to use the toilet is to be consistent. If you end up interrupting your cat’s training because of some travel plans, you are going to lose all of the progress you have made and would have to start again from scratch. Emergency traveling is, of course, unavoidable, but you should at least try to plan your training sessions in such a way that they occur during periods when you would not need to go anywhere. Set aside two months of no traveling, and your cat will be just fine.

Take Precautions

You need to make sure that whenever your cat goes to the toilet, it has easy access to the seat. The toilet seat being down can make it difficult for you to do this, so just tell everyone in your home that the toilet seat needs to stay up. For added precaution, just put a sign up in your bathroom or if you have a spare bathroom that you are setting aside for your cat, you can fix the seat to make sure it can’t be put back down.

Limit Your Cat’s Options

If you want to make sure your cat ends up using the toilet regularly, you need to block all other avenues for it. Keep a room aside for your cat that has access to a toilet. This will be inconvenient, but it is necessary if you want to ensure that your cat learns the proper protocol as quickly as possible. If you do this, your cat will soon realize that using the toilet is the only thing it can do and by doing it again and again, it will get used to the experience and would, thus, be able to do it on its own after a while.

Pad Your Seat

Cats are not built like humans and toilets can often be uncomfortable for them. If this is the case, your cat is going to end up rejecting all of your training. The best way to ensure that your cat does not do this is to pad your seat or add something that would give it a little bit of grip. This would help make the experience a little more pleasant for your pet, which is very important in the long term.

The Benefits of Teaching Your Cat to Use the Toilet

The reason that so many people have started to opt for toilet training for their cats is that it is so convenient. Here are the various benefits that are associated with teaching your cat how to use the toilet:

Cost Effective

Litter can end up being expensive if you have to keep it in stock. However, if your cat knows how to use the toilet, you are not going to have to use litter at all, which can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Saves Space

This is a benefit that many people are going to appreciate, considering the lack of space that modern homes tend to suffer from. Litter can end up taking up a great deal of space, which would be better used in other situations, so toilet training your cat can help you utilize that space in a more efficient manner.

Avoid Bad Smells

One of the biggest problems with litter is that it ends up stinking pretty quickly. If your cat knows how to use the toilet, this problem can be avoided completely, thereby allowing you to rest easy knowing that you would not have to live in a stinky environment or have to make sure all the time that your house doesn’t smell.


Bringing huge bags of litter into your home every so often is a very strenuous task. Furthermore, the task of cleaning your cat’s litter box is a tedious activity that you would be free of if you teach your cat this simple trick.


Having a dirty litter box in your home at all times can increase the risk of viral infections, which is particularly dangerous if you have kids in your home. Your cat would also contract diseases if litter boxes are left unclean for long periods of time which can be a real hassle.

More Efficient

Teaching your cat how to use a litter box for its business can often confuse it because it would end up mistaking carpeting or regular sand outside with its litter. Teaching it how to use the toilet is, therefore, a lot better as cats can more quickly learn to use toilets exclusively.


When cats use litter, they end up getting urine and feces on their fur, especially if they are particularly fluffy. Toilets are much cleaner because cats don’t end up sitting in their pee or poop, which can give you a much cleaner home and pet.

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